Corporate Wellness Programs

We specialise in collaborating with businesses to provide comprehensive education to employers, empowering them to navigate and alleviate various health challenges such as injuries, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, depression diabetes and support family health issues. By addressing these concerns, we aim to enhance an employer's attendance, mental focus, productivity, and concentration within the workplace.

Our primary goal is to minimise employee absenteeism and foster a positive and productive workforce. We achieve this through engaging short workshops that incorporate practical lifestyle and movement exercises, nutritional demonstrations, and wholesome recipes. Each session is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of your workforce.

Our approach includes proven effective lifestyle strategies, including breath-work, cold water immersion, myofascial release techniques, yoga, functional movement, sound healing, and simple nutritional and supplement advice. These evidence-based methods empower individuals to leverage their strengths using targeted nutrition, supplements, environmental considerations, and inherent bodily tools that may be otherwise under-utilised.

By promoting improved gut health, enhanced brain function, and better management of the nervous system and hormones, we enable your workforce to handle stress more effectively. This, in turn, facilitates improved organisation of thoughts, a shift towards a healthier mindset, increased motivation, and a reduction in chronic illnesses and back pain.

Ways to work with us?

We can deliver a 12-week program within your work space, arrange a wellness day or make a team building/wellness trip in a restorative retreat style setting. Combining your business meetings with the best treatments, fitness and nutrition to fuel your success.

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